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Two day livestream: The Engaging Action Pyramid

How to get more leads to consume your lead magnet using the The Engaging Action Pyramid framework


Give me two weeks and I will show you how to double the leads from your freebie...

Here are the five things we'll cover:

Point 1: The one piece of critical information you should know about gratification so that you can unapologetically get your leads to consume your lead magnet (even if they are smarter than you)

Point 2: How to nourish your leads using different time commitments so that they can get excited to learn more from you, grab all your freebies and rush to becoming a buyer

Point 3: How to map out the time what to sell to someone and when to sell it even if it is a tiny little tripwire or a giant five figure offer

Point 4: How you need to support and actively encourage any type of audience so that your leads are ready to buy from you (no matter if they are cold, warm or hot)

Point 5: The final step where you overlay The Engaging Action Pyramid framework on top of your lead magnet to create leads eager, hungry & excited to work with you

About Vaishali

I'm Vaishali....a left brain engineer who transitioned to a right brain psychic & combined the dual power of my brains to accelerate lead generation for can listen to me on my podcast The Uncanny Link, where science meets metaphysics....

Livestream starts Jul 30th - 12:00noon PST (3:00pm EST)

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Everyone who shows up live gets the infographic for the framework so that you can implement it to get more conversions and more leads


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